Contact Rochester Community Acupuncture

Located in the Village Gate

Rochester Community Acupuncture
302 Goodman St N #403
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 287-5183

We are located in Village Gate Square on the 4th floor of building 302.

Parking for Rochester Community Acupuncture

Parking is available in the lots to the side of our building (there is a giant mural painted on building 302) behind building 320 (entrance is off N. Goodman just before the train tracks) or to the very back of Village Gate behind building 274.

If you park behind building 320, take the sidewalk along N. Goodman to get to our building (302). You’ll see the 4-story mural painted on the side with a glass door entrance.

If you park behind building 274, walk inside and past Soul Coffee & Jazz. There will be an exit to your right. This will take you out into the courtyard. You will see Salena’s across to your right. This is our building.


To access the clinic from the parking lot in front of building 302 you must enter through the glass doors. There will be an elevator to your right when you walk in (you need to open a door to get to the elevator). Take this to the 4th floor. When you step off the elevator make a right down the hallway. We are suite 403.

To access the clinic from the courtyard you must enter the doors that lead to building 302. You will see Salena’s Mexican restaurant to your left. Walk inside and the door to the elevator will be on your left just past Selena’s. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. We are suite 403.

We are wheelchair accessible!