Why do we use a sliding scale?

Acupuncture is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly – once or more a week is usually required to make progress. We recognize that everyone has a different set of financial circumstances and thus a different ability to pay for healthcare. Rochester Community Acupuncture uses a sliding scale of $20 – $40 to help you carry out a more frequent course of treatment. Experience shows us that those who get the best results with acupuncture begin with 2-3 treatments per week for 2-4 weeks. After that, many people follow up with weekly treatments for a month or so. For chronic or complex conditions, it may be necessary to do several rounds of treatment. This is why it is so important that acupuncture be affordable. We want you to come in often enough to really get better and stay better!

The purpose of the sliding scale is to help you separate the issues of money and treatment in order to get good results. You decide what fits your budget on any given day and there is never any need to prove your income. Everyone gets the best treatment possible—regardless of how much you pay on the sliding scale.

Keep in mind that we also have financial obligations, so please pay what you can. This way you get the treatment that you need and we get to keep providing it for you. We hope this will be a sustainable arrangement that everyone benefits from.

How much will your first visit cost?

On top of the sliding scale, there is a one-time $10 intake/administration fee. Therefore, plan to spend $30 – $50 for your first visit.

How can we make it so cheap? Read this.